3 Ways to Stay Warm on Two Wheels This Winter: Embracing Heated Gear for Motorcyclists

POSTED: 05/12/2023

As winter sets in and temperatures plummet, dedicated motorcyclists face the challenge of braving the cold while pursuing their passion on two wheels. Fortunately, advancements in heated gear have made it possible to extend the riding season comfortably. In this article, we'll explore three effective ways to stay warm during winter rides.

1. Five's Heated Gloves: A Toasty Solution for Frozen Fingers

Cold hands can be a major discomfort for motorcyclists in winter. Five, a renowned brand in the motorcycle gear industry, has introduced a game-changing solution with their Heated Gloves. These gloves are designed to provide warmth precisely where it's needed the most – the hands. Equipped with advanced heating elements, Five's Heated Gloves offer adjustable warmth levels to suit individual preferences.

The gloves are powered by rechargeable batteries, ensuring a reliable source of heat for extended rides. The sleek and ergonomic design allows for optimal flexibility and dexterity, ensuring that riders can maintain a secure grip on the handlebars while enjoying the warmth that these gloves provide. With Five's Heated Gloves, winter rides no longer have to be a battle against freezing temperatures – riders can now cruise in comfort, even on the coldest days.

We have Five's Heated Gloves in stock, so pop in and get your hands toasty today!

2. Suzuki's Heated Grips: Warming the Ride from Within

Suzuki, a trusted name in the motorcycle industry, has addressed the issue of cold hands with their Heated Grips. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Suzuki motorcycles, these heated grips provide warmth directly to the rider's hands through the handlebars. The user-friendly controls allow riders to adjust the heat settings on the go, ensuring a customized and cozy riding experience.

Suzuki's Heated Grips are a practical and efficient solution for winter riding, offering the convenience of integrated heating without the need for additional gear. Whether commuting to work or embarking on a long-distance journey, these heated grips enhance comfort and safety by keeping the rider's hands warm and responsive.

Suzuki have an offer on where you can get free heated grips between now & January 31st on any new Suzuki bike over 800cc. Check out our range now.

3. Headwear is a Game-Changer!

Motorbike snoods, a versatile accessory for riders, offer both style and functionality. These snug, neck-warming garments provide a protective barrier against cold winds, enhancing comfort during chilly rides. Motorbike snoods come in various materials and designs, ensuring riders can express their individuality while staying warm. Lightweight and easy to wear, these snoods are a must-have accessory for any motorcyclist braving the elements on two wheels.

Our online shop has plenty of headwear options that will keep you warm this winter, including snoods, balaclavas and more. Head to our shop today to check these out.

As winter settles in, motorcyclists need not pack away their bikes and wait for warmer days. Thanks to innovations in heated gear, such as Five's Heated Gloves and Suzuki's Heated Grips, riders can now enjoy the thrill of two-wheeled adventures throughout the winter season. By embracing these advanced technologies, motorcyclists can stay warm, comfortable, and safe on the road, proving that winter riding can be an exhilarating experience with the right gear.

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