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Yamalube - Weather Protection Spray

Yamalube - Weather Protection Spray

Rust and corrosion caused by damp and/or humid conditions quickly form on metal parts, reducing the value and visual appeal of the motorcycle, scooter, ATV – or other pride and joy! But here’s a great way to protect against it easily – and swiftly. It’s perfect for winter laying-up too

  • Used regularly, it reliably seals and protects all metal parts against corrosion
  • Lubricates and displaces moisture – stops existing corrosion in its tracks
  • Forms a ‘self-healing’ transparent protective film – better than wax
  • NB: Certain areas should obviously NOT be treated with this product for safety reasons (tyres, brake discs, etc) so apply carefully to any close or adjacent areas with a cloth soaked from the spray. Do NOT spray on HOT surfaces.