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V9 Bobber - Grigio Tempesta (2020)


Simplicity of shape, pure design and a sporting nature are the three defining characteristics of the Moto Guzzi custom bike which flawlessly combines technology and performance.

Its innovative and uncompromising character embodies the bobber’s confident style with its total matt black detailing and complete lack of any glossy paintwork or chrome. The V9 Bobber is the epitome of authentic style sought after by riders who are after performance, aesthetics and musicality in a bike. It’s the bike for riders who are prepared to create an irresistible true love, leaving themselves open to completely disrupting their lives.

Dark and indomitable as the night

With matt black wheel 16-inch rims embellished with the Moto Guzzi logo in grey and side panels, exhaust, mirrors and rear mudguard all in metal, the look is minimal and uncompromising.

The “V” essence of Moto Guzzi

Like its Roamer brother, the Bobber boasts a smooth, powerful 850cc transverse “V” engine. Delivering pure grunt on the sound front, its outstanding speed and responsiveness make for a invigorating riding experience.

All the gear

Shaft drive, steel frame and striking tyres which beg to be shown off all come together to emphasise the gritty spirit of this bike. It’s authentic, unwavering and simply irresistible.

Low saddle and absolute safety no matter where your travels take you

With a distance from the ground to the saddle of a mere 785 mm and a total weight of just 199 kg in running order, it’s not hard to imagine the comfort, control and riding pleasure that the V9 Bobber delivers. The experience gets even sportier thanks to the black low drag bar handlebar and aluminium footrests set back so as to create a more engaged and relaxed riding position as well as plenty of space and movement for riders of all heights and experience.

 Curves, hairpin bends and sharp corners: no fear!

Great handling and reliability make this bobber perfect for riding in total comfort and safety on any type of road. The detachable tubular steel double cradle frame distributes the engine weight over the front and rear axles to create an exhilarating and dynamically balanced ride.

 Room for two, but a statement solo ride

The comfy two-seater saddle comes with a removable passenger section which transforms the V9 Bobber into a genuine-looking imposing single-seater.

High-resistant paintwork able to cope with the rigours of the road

The V9 Bobber comes in three colour options, all with matt finish and grey checkerboard motif on the fuel tank. Choose from red (Rosso Rovente) black (Nero Notte) and grey (Grigio Tempesta).

Create a bespoke bike

Quality is seen in the details and with a range of over 50 dedicated accessories, tested to ensure maximum reliability and safety, you can really go to town when it comes to personalising your V9. From “Made in Italy” leather saddlebags to the sporty windshield and eye-catching accessories in aluminium, there’s everything to create your very own, totally unique true love.

A grown up, stylish bike with no airs and graces, the V9 Bobber is the Moto Guzzi model which proudly and uncompromisingly leaves its mark.