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RSV4 / RSV4 Factory



The Aprilia RSV4 is one of the most fascinating motorcycle stories in the world. Born with the aim of winning on the track and in all comparative tests, it has gone through a decade as an absolute queen, winning critical acclaim and laurels in all the categories in which it raced. In its most extreme evolution it has even come to race in the MotoGP World Championship.

It is the demonstration of an incredible design foresight, in a sector where motorcycles are the result of the best technology available to manufacturers. The Aprilia RSV4 has been constantly updated and refined over time, always remaining the reference point for sportiness and performance, the best example of what is possible to achieve by drawing on the precious experience of a winning Racing Department like that of Aprilia which, in its young history has won 54 world titles, seven of which obtained in the SBK world championship with the RSV4.

The new design is the result of the great work carried out in terms of applied aerodynamics, confirming Aprilia's commitment to the study of increasingly complex and innovative solutions. The style inspired by that of the ultra-modern RS 660 and the shapes modeled in the wind tunnel allow a very low drag coefficient, with a significant advantage in performance at high speeds, also increasing the air pressure in the airbox, all while increasing the downforce.

Now the winglets are not added elements on the sides, but are integrated into the double-walled fairing, a solution that optimizes stability at high speeds and at the same time improves the cooling of the engine, diverting the flows of hot air from the pilot, as well as representing an element of strong aesthetic characterization.

The triple LED headlight assembly, equipped with perimeter DRL lights, represents the light signature of the sporty Aprilia cars and integrates the “bending lights” function: the pair of additional headlights that illuminate the inside of the curve, increasing visibility when cornering.

Ergonomics are completely new and improved thanks to the new fuel tank and the new saddle that allow perfect integration of the rider into the fairing, more space on board and a more natural and relaxed riding position. The electric controls are more functional and intuitive, the new TFT instrumentation is larger and more complete. Thanks to the new Marelli 11MP control unit and the new six-axis inertial platform, both more powerful, the electronic management with full Ride-by-Wire throttle control improves and the operating logic of the APRC is refined. The exclusive suiteAprilia's electronic controls are also completed with the introduction of the engine brake multilevel control. There are now six Riding Modes, three for the track (two of which are customizable) and three for the road (one of which is customizable): the rider is only required to choose the Riding Mode that best interprets his riding needs to automatically obtain the best tuning of Traction Control, Wheelie Control, engine brake, ABS and other parameters managed.

The superfine chassis, heir to a dynasty that won 18 world titles and 143 grands prix in the 250 GP, sees a big change in the new swingarm, lighter and with a lower reinforcement truss, inspired by that of the Aprilia RS-GP engaged in MotoGP, designed to lower the masses and increase the stability of the rear axle in acceleration.

The world's first high-performance narrow V 4-cylinder series production engine, the most revolutionary and powerful engine ever built by Aprilia, despite the Euro 5 homologation, gains more torque and confirms the exceptional maximum power level of 217 HP. thanks to targeted interventions including the new exhaust system and the increase in effective displacement from the previous 1,077 cc to the current 1,099 cc.

Two versions are available: RSV4 (in the Dark Losail color only) and RSV4 Factory (in the two Aprilia Black and Lava Red colors). Both versions are powered by the renewed 1,099 cc V4 engine, but stand out for the standard specification which in the Factory includes forged aluminum wheels, the Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension system and Brembo Stylema brake calipers.