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Liberty 50


The baby of the family

The Liberty 50 is the entry level model in the family.  Powered by a single cylinder 50cc engine which uses i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) with a three-valve timing system to offer impeccable performance and reliability as well as reduced fuel consumption.  Scrupulous attention to detail has been implemented in the construction of the Liberty to ensure maximum safety and the best riding experience, with the large wheels (14" at rear and 16" up front) delivering greater precision and manoeuvring. Last but not least there are the practical aspects of the Liberty such as the spacious under seat compartment which can hold a full-face helmet, the glove box and the instrument cluster which ingeniously provides analogue and digital display.

Everything within easy reach

The handy storage compartment in the rear shield of the Piaggio Liberty 50 is divided into two parts and includes a USB socket that you can use to charge your phone on the go.  Under the seat, that can be accessed at the simple press of a button you will find a spacious compartment which is able to hold a full-face helmet.   Transporting bags and shopping has also been considered with the bag hook located above the footwell.

Almost a maxi

The main frame of the Piaggio Liberty 50 is a sturdy single cradle steel tubing with press steel plates to help ensure driving stability. Front suspension is 76-stroke telescopic hydraulic forks with a hydraulic shock absorber at the rear.  The wheels are a grand size of 14" at the rear and 16" up front.

Distinctive style

The instrument cluster seamlessly combines analogue and digital technology. The classic style gauge sits alongside a modern LCD display that can be read by clicking a button located on the right hand side of the handlebar. The wide front shield provides increased protection from the rain as well as complimenting the classic Liberty design and side indicators.